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The Insider’s Guide To Asheville North Carolina By Southern Way of Life. This is Blog Seven of Ten From Their Article. There number 3 and the Grove Arcade

Number 3: brings us back to downtown Asheville, and to The Grove Arcade building. I know some locals are going to give me some grief because it is a main tourist attraction. But, the fact is, the building is a masterpiece of design and construction. Built by E.W Grove, a self-made millionaire who moved to Asheville in 1910, the arcade holds the title of the first mall in America. That is one reason why it makes my list. If all malls had looked like this one, then I might be a fan. Just walk around this building and take in the detail. The building is unbelievable, and is testimony to Grove’s conception of the arcade as “the most elegant building in America.” Shops abound on the first floor, with offices on the second and residential living quarters on the third. Be sure to visit the businesses that call the arcade home, including one of my favorites, “Enter the Earth.” The shop specializes in fine minerals, and fossils from around the world. For more info: www.grovearcade.com

The following is one of ten articles that I am privileged to repost from the Southern Way of Living Blog on Asheville NC, retirement and second home. I felt they represented our area so well that sharing this information with you will assist you in your decisions for that primary residence, second home, as well as helping choose the area of Western North Carolina.

Living in Brevard NC just minutes from Asheville make as neighbors offering much of the same qualities of life one desires in looking for that perfect move.

I want to persoanlly thank Tamas Hoffman On behalf of SoutheastDiscovery for the permission to allow the repost of the information on my site just for you and their photo’s! 

This article is from http://www.southeastdiscovery.com/southern-way-of-life’>Southern Way of Life</a>, the official blog of Southeast Discovery.


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