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“The Hunger Games,” shot in the lush woodlands of Transylvania County in North Carolina, opened in theatres March 23, 2012. It is one of over a dozen films shot recently in the “Land of Waterfalls” —the impact that likely will be felt on tourism and jobs for years to come. The natural beauty isn’t the only incentive for production companies to locate films in North Carolina. The state offers a 25 percent tax credit for productions spending over half a million dollars, and a generous lodging refund for visits exceeding 90 days. It’s a win-win situation that employs local actors and actresses to use as extras, fuels the local economy by employing construction workers, restaurant and lodging personnel for film crews as well as boosting the state’s tourism, especially for such highly touted films as Transylvania County’s “The Hunger Games.”

Other films shot here in Western North Carolina include “Thunder Road,” “The Last of the Mohicans,” and “The Healer.” “Iron Man 3” is prepping locally; shooting on the popular film series expects to begin soon. After hitting a tourism low in 2010, Governor Bev Perdue’s tax credit has positively impacted visitation to state attractions, including parks and welcome centers, over 21 percent. The only thing that the locals ask is that you treat the beautiful woodlands and waterfalls of the state with respect, enjoy it and make some great memories.

We strive to be the most informed professionals in our market area, contact Jay and Jewell Kaiser and let us make your Brevard, North Carolina real estate experience productive and successful.

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Western North Carolina is tailor made for kids going to summer camp. You’ll find the traditional overnight camps, some which have been operating for over a century. You’ll swim, hike, canoe, craft and have sing-a-longs as you roast marshmallows around a bonfire. If traditional camps aren’t your child’s thing, you’ll find many camps that specialize in innovative summer programs, including sports, computer and service programs. There’s something for every fitness level, every interest, and every taste. Here are a few of the camps found in the Brevard, Asheville, and Hendersonville area:



  • Camp Carolina:
    Simplicity of life, self-reliance, respect for property and nature and the challenge of high adventure (boys, grades 1-12).
  • Camp Chosatonga:
    Rustic, tranquil adventure in the Pisgah National Forest includes challenging activities. The girls’ camp is Camp Kahdalea (boys, ages 8-17).
  • Camp Kahdalea:
    Rustic, tranquil adventure in the Pisgah National Forest includes challenging activities. The boys’ camp is Camp Chosatonga (girls, ages 8-17).
  • Camp Illahee:
    Tradition, confidence, faith in God, conviction, activity and integrity greet campers (girls, no age limits given).
  • Deep Woods Camp:
    Founded on the premise that summer camp should be a valuable and meaningful experience (boys, ages 10-17).
  • Gwynn Valley Camp:
    Concentrates on the values of simplicity and acceptance in a noncompetitive atmosphere (coed, ages 5-14).
  • Keystone Camp:
    The oldest summer girls’ camp in the Southeast with traditional camp programs (grades 1-9).
  • Rockbrook Camp:
    An overnight summer camp including recreation and creative experiences (girls, ages 6-16).


  • Asheville Area YMCA Summer Day Camps:
    Enjoy field trips, swimming, campouts, cookouts, competitions and our first trip to the resident Y property (coed, ages 6-12).
  • Camp Hollymont:
    Your daughter will challenge herself physically and spiritually while making memories with new friends that will last a lifetime (girls, ages 6-16).
  • Camp Pisgah:
    This summer Girl Scout camp helps teach young scouts to become positive agents of change in their communities (girls, ages 7-17).
  • Colburn Earth Science Museum Camp:
    Our afternoon sessions feature exciting science activities, themed crafts, games, field trips around town and healthy snacks (coed, grades K-5).
  • Outward Bound:
    Challenging wilderness adventures that help kids learn teamwork, leadership and inspiration (coed, ages 12 +).


  • Blue Star Camps:
    Jewish summer camp located in the Blue Ridge Mountains; family-owned for over 60 years.(coed. ages 6-16).
  • Camp Courtney:
    Coed Christian Retreat Center and summer camp destination for all ages.
  • Camp Kanuga:
    An Episcopalian traditional, residential camp. (coed, ages 8-15).
  • Camp Pinewood:
    Traditional boys and girls’ camping activities (coed, ages 6-16).
  • Camp Tekoa:
    Offers a variety of summer resident day camps for boys and girls (ages 5-17).
  • Camp Ton-A-Wandah:
    Summer retreat for girls who want to play and learn in a safe, supportive and spiritual environment (ages 6-15).
  • Henderson County YMCA Summer Day Camp:
    Enjoy field trips, swimming, campouts, cookouts and competitions (coed, ages 6-12).


Through honesty, integrity, and responsiveness to your needs, we will make your Brevard, North Carolina real estate experience productive and successful. Contact Jay and Jewell Kaiser, you are the most important person in our business and we don’t take it lightly.

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For most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work.  In these difficult economic times, home sellers should be aware that steps can be taken to maximize your property’s strengths to prospective buyers. As a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), I have been recognized as a real estate professional who has completed special training in seller representation and have met specified educational and practical experience criteria.  Here are eight reasons to consider using an SRS designated realtor when you’re ready to sell:

  1. SRS designees are members of an elite group of trained seller client advocates that know the importance of their client’s specific needs by using Seller Counseling Sessions to insure all needs are addressed.
  2. SRS designees concentrate their efforts on the seller client’s ultimate goals to insure the client is at the center of the sale.
  3. SRS designee is extensively trained in a wide variety of manual and electronic marketing methods to uniquely promote your property to the widest range prospective purchasers.
  4. SRS designees understand that negotiation skills are critical to a successful transaction and are trained to position their client to receive the best possible outcome during negotiations of the sale.
  5. SRS designees adhere to the highest level of professional ethics and business practices in delivering ‘Client Level’ services with integrity.
  6. SRS designees are uniquely qualified to exceed the expectations of their clients yielding client trust.
  7. SRS designees know the importance of staging your property for best results. Staging is a critical component, along with accurate pricing, to attain desired results within a timely manner.
  8. SRS designees have an advanced level of understanding on how to collaborate with a variety of cooperating agents of all skill levels in the marketplace to insure that the ‘best’ buyer has an opportunity to purchase your property.

The key to any successful real estate transaction is bringing the pieces together and passing the keys from one property owner to another and there are many steps to successfully marketing and selling your Western North Carolina home or land.  Contact Jay & Jewell Kaiser, or call us at (828) 421-0375 to discuss how we can assist you in the successful sale of your home for top dollar.

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Buying a short sale home can give a home buyer the opportunity to make a great investment, however, purchasing short sale real estate can also be a tricky endeavor.  If you arm yourself with the proper support, make yourself knowledgeable on the process, and are prepared to be patient, you may just find your dream home at a dream price. Use these 6 steps as a launching pad into short sales.

1.Potentials- Investigate to find homes where the owner owes a large amount on the loan and is in pre foreclosure. If the owner is not paying their mortgage and owes more than the house is worth or would sell for it is a prime candidate for a short sale.

2.Research- Do your research on the property, the amount of work that is required versus the amount of profit potential. Also, be sure to view the property to gauge the amount of work which will be required.

3.Financing- Be sure you already have a loan approval before making an offer,  you don’t want to be left in the dust due to poor financial planning.

4.Lender- Get in contact with the lender after having an authorization note from the seller to discuss the mortgage. Furthermore, you’ll want to fill out any forms or applications the lender may require.

5.Proposal- Be sure your proposal includes; an application, an authorization letter, the purchase and sale contract, a hardship letter, statement of properties values, costs and liabilities, and a settlement statement.

6.Negotiate the Deal- Make sure you know your absolute highest price and be ready for counter offers from the lender, once these are through be sure everything is in writing and officially recorded.

Finally, an experienced, knowledgeable real estate professional is needed to assist you through the short sale process to ensure a smooth transaction. In today’s market, it is critical to stay abreast of changing laws and industry rules. Contact Jay & Jewell Kaiser, for information on short sale opportunities in the Brevard, NC area.  With over 50 years of combined Real Estate and business experience we will make your Brevard, North Carolina real estate experience productive and successful.

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