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New Caregiver Facility for Brevard, Asheville & Hendersonville Areas – ElderWise Care

Mission Statement:

We were inspired to create a home health care agency specializing in senior care to meet the needs we saw as we watched as our own grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles progress to the next season of their lives before us.  We purposed in our hearts to provide the affordable care that we ourselves would want for our family members.

We chose to become an independent agency, rather than a franchise, so we could redirect the money we would otherwise have to pay in franchise fees toward offering a higher quality of care and attracting a higher quality caregiver.

Our agency was founded by a psychologist.  We try to be sensitive to the large psychological changes and challenges that can be associated with the aging process.  We subscribe to the theory of “Positive Aging”.
This means we focus on preserving the positive aspects of each person’s aging process. 

We assist our clients in the comfort of their familiar surroundings with the tasks of life that have grown more challenging for them.  We hope our contribution to their lives will fill them with more joy and ultimately help them have more time, energy, and possibility to pursue and participate in the aspects of their lives that they have grown to love.

Dr. Rebecca Norton is the Agency Director and Owner assisting in Asheville, Hendersonville and Brevard North Carolina. Phone number 828-687-3533 and for the web site click here: ElderWiseCare

We strive to help your loved ones make the most of the life they are living.  We cherish their wisdom and value the experiences and memories that have allowed them to have great contribution to your life.  We are thankful you would consider inviting us into your home to be a part of your loved ones life.  We desire to incorporate the wisdom of this experience into ours.   We are grateful.  We are ElderWise.  

We are giving families peace of mind.  At ElderWise Care we make sure your caregiver is well trained.          �
We hire Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) for all your care needs from housekeeping and meal preparation to higher levels of care. This means your caregiver has completed the required coursework and clinical rotations and is certified by the State of North Carolina as a Nurse Aide 1 or a Nurse Aide 2. This training is extensive, a minimum of 75 hours of classroom training and over 100 hours of clinical “hands-on” training for a CNA 1 and additional training for the more advanced CNA 2 certification. While some agencies employ non-CNA caregivers who they train in a “short course”, at ElderWise Care we believe thorough training is important.  This is what we would want for our loved ones, so this is what we provide for you.

We prescreen for you
We understand the importance of prescreening your caregiver to make you feel more comfortable.   That’s why at ElderWise Care we go to great lengths to thoroughly screen the caregivers we ask to join our team. We appreciate your trust in us, and our prescreening process is designed to honor that trust.
● Verification of state certification
● Additional testing for nurse aide competency
● Personal interviews
● Verification of good standing with the Health Care Personnel Registry
● Criminal background check
● Sexual Offender Registry check
● DMV driving record report
● Past employment
● References
● Drug testing 

We provide ongoing training
Our caregivers are given additional training on topics such as infection control and your medical privacy to ensure the highest level of care. They are also offered additional seminars throughout the year for more advanced training. 

We supervise for you
Our CNA caregivers are supervised by a Registered Nurse (R.N.).  We meet with you to determine your needs and customize a “Care Plan” for you. Your CNA will follow your “Care Plan” with the support and supervision of our Registered Nurse.  Additionally, the nurse will evaluate your care plan as needed or a minimum of every 90 days. 

Homemaker caregivers are supervised by our Agency Director.  Dr. Norton or another supervisor will create your Care Plan and monitor your care.

We handle problems for you
If your caregiver had a personal emergency, we would arrange for a backup caregiver for you.  If for any reason you are unhappy with your caregiver, we will find another caregiver for you and arrange for a smooth transition.

We provide insurance
Elderwise Care provides general liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and bonded caregivers.  This gives you and the caregivers peace of mind. 

We handle payments and tax withholdings for you
We track caregivers’ work schedules and hours worked with state of the art technology.  Our caregivers are paid as employees and we handle all tax withholdings, worker’s compensation, social security taxes, W-2 forms and other IRS paperwork for you.

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Charlie’s Angel Animal Rescue Needs Your Help- Giant Yard Sale April 9th in Brevard N.C.

Please help rescue unwanted pets by supporting the upcoming Giant Yard Sale. Better yet adopt a pet!

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue rescues dogs and cats from Transylvania County Animal Shelter and gets them to approved rescue groups. In order to do that we  have to foster them while they are totally vetted (all vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm tested) and then arrange transports.

We are a group of volunteers receiving no compensation for our work and depend on donations and animal sponsorship to achieve our goal.

To see a list of available animals, please visit Petfinder

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats who are brought in to the high-kill Transylvania County Animal Shelter. In 2008, 71% of all dogs brought to the shelter were euthanized at the shelter. In that year alone, 432 dogs were killed. In 2009 after CAAR got involved, 80% of the dogs were rescued. So far this year CAAR has rescued over 400 dogs. But we need your help.

Please support animal rescue with your generous donation. We are a 501 c-3 NonProfit organization. All donations are fully tax deductible. EIN#: 27-1614841   We welcome and need volunteers to help us, especially local foster homes.

Donations can be made to:
Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue
PO Box 824
Brevard, NC  28712
or 828-885-DOGS

Feel Free to support Charlies Angels with visiting Charlie’s Angels Online Store.

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Transylvania County and Brevard School System Once Again is Top Performing In The State Of North Carolina

Another proud attribute of Brevard is it’s outstanding performance amongst it’s students and my hats off to all of our educators! Have children? Look no further than Brevard NC for a top quality education from pre school all the way through a 4 year college.  75% of our graduating class goes on to college and our county serves approximately 3800 total students from it’s four elementary schools to its two middle and two high schools, as well as an alternative school and lastly four after school locations.

Our schools and students have consistently outperformed per pupil across the State of North Carolina year after year. From presidential awards to the awards for schools of excellence.  Both my kids went through the school system, and thankfully  both with honors. Both went on to recieve batchelors and masters degrees once  again with honors. This is not bragging but my hats off to the school board and their hiring of the finest teachers available that care for each and every student. Being a county with a population of just over 31,000 our kids are not crammed into overcrowded classrooms, thus the individual help as needed is given to each student. I attribute a great deal to their success with the quality education they received, to not only the courses offered, extra-curricular activities, as well as the opportunity to attend our local college level classes for credit in their high school.

Brevard NC is blessed to have not only Blue ridge Community College where students can graduate from general studies in preperation for a 4 year university,  buisness as well as the recently built 2.7 million Allied Technology Building offeringrecently added nursing and automotivesystem technology.  Blue Ridge Community College  is among the most affordable in the state as well as an excellent opportunity offered as a  satellite campus. Interested in medical and health care profession as an emergency medical person, how about your GED, buisness administration all the way to free courses offered to the senior population.  What more could one ask for than free except for small fees for books that may be required.

Interested in a 4 year institute then look no further than the famous Brevard College. Since 1934, Breavrd college has been graduating students from this private college in liberal arts. As mentioned about our student to teacher ratio in our public school system, Brevard College offers an 11 to 1 ratio student to faculty ratio. Sports, music, arts and 40 major and minors to choose from. Not a day goes by that sports plays an imprtant role in building character, not to mention this is a Methodist based college. Football, baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball are just a few of the sports offered. Interested in the wilderness experience then the Leadership and Experimental Education Programs, along with the Creek side Continuing Education leaves lifelong opportunities and learning experiences. This is just a few of the reasons why the college has been ranked among the top 40 by outside magazine as the college to work, play, study, party and live. Southern living ranks us at 250 favorite spots in the south for education and lifestyle.

Brevard North Carolina, withs its extremely well priced real estate that offers views that seem to go on forever, as well as over 250 of some of the most spectacular waterfalls, is the playground for the students as well as the second home and retiree. Make your plans today to visit Brevard and you too will see why we love, live and work in what I believe is the finest around. Where else can you live and play and have almost 50% of your county in protected lands. Visit my web site at the tabs provided above or at www.HomeINBrevard.Com and experience just a taste of our residential and lands offered.

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Repotting a Plant With A Video By DYI- Spring Is Here & Let’s Have Fun

The sounds of Spring is in the air with birds chirping, their busy building their nests, mowers starting to mow again, leaf blowers removing the last of winters leaf fall, and now is the time to Repot those plants that we have had inside all winter. Repotting isn’t rocket science and a tip to watch is if the plant height is 3 times as high as the diameter of the pot then it’s time to re-pot. Root Bound plants will grow but only with frequent feeding and tend to always look very straggly.

The web is a wonderful tool and there are many very good sites to visit and here are a couple of my favorites and on repotting. Do it right the firest time and you will get years of a healthy, beautiful and if flowering an abundance of blooms. Here is the web site DYI with tips from Ahmed Hassan.  

Another one of my favorite web sites for theGardener is eHow.com and this link contains another video, so with both we now have a fool proof way of making our plant jump back to life. Happy gardening and have a wonderful spring. Take time out of your busy life and smell the roses!

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Follow Up With a Flurry of Comments on Fluoridation in the City of Brevard Water System 

Interesting, that I found out that my recent post on that the City of Brevard North Carolina is considering hearing the professionals, both pro and cons on reintroduction of fluoride to the city water ysytem, that I had a flurry of comments for both sides. So to give equal billing I felt if they took the time to respond,  I should respect their opinions and do a follow up. Here is my original post entitled City of Brevard Taking a Look at Adding Back Fluoride in the City Water.  Click here to read the original post.  As always my beliefs is one should make up their own mind, yet should here the facts regardless of sides one takes. I have my own opinion and will stay silent in this article as we here from all.

In speaking with one of our long time local dentists last week he was adomite that his research with statistics from our county, Transylvania County as well as comparison results from other neighboring counties as Henderson County. Interesting enough Henderson Counties research followed with the recent addition of fluoride once again into their city water system. Naturally this dentist is as passsionate for as those against fluoride. He commented, and I will say he has practiced in Brevard for more years than I can remember and has seen the results since the removal of fluoride. himself first hand. He went on to say that he is well prepared to present to the local authorities what sounded quite convincing.

 He mentioned that in the 5th grade studies and in his own practice that tooth decay has increased since the removal of fluoride. Having been raised on city water that contained fluoride I will not pass judgement until all parties have spoken and the facts are presented. I do have concerns with my granddaughter, that she is not harmed by the presence or lack of, I just know when we loose our baby teeth that’s all we are naturally ever guaranteed to have. I would love to have statements from our local Dentists as to their findings as well as the CDC.

So this blog is not too lengthy I will include excerpts from both sides as well as links as available for all of us to continue this apparent controversial subject. Here is a link that favors the inclusion of fluoride in our water, as well as the dangers of over fluoridation. Anything is excess we all know can be dangerous or fatal like a speeding car, yet is in controlled doses far more beneficial than having none?  Here is the link to the comment I received on the benefits and the CDC link.

To the cons: The following was a comment I received back with links and I am intentionally not mentioning names as to not offend: More than 3,600 professionals (including 303 dentists) urge that fluoridation be stopped citing scientific evidence that ingesting fluoride is ineffective at reducing tooth decay and has serious health risks. See statement: http://www.fluoridealert.org/statement.august.2007.html    Eleven US EPA unions representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals are calling for a moratorium on fluoridation.

The CDC reports that 225 less communities adjusted for fluoride between 2006 and 2008. About 100 US communities rejected fluoridation since 2008. New York City Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr introduced legislation to stop fluoridation in New York City January 2011. apposing the reintroduction of fluoride.  This is only a couple paragraphs of the lengthy comment.

Once again to not be too lenghty here are links that were presented to me in follow up comments and  more information can be found at http://www.FluorideAction.Net

So you ask what does this have to do with Brevard North Carolina Real Estate Updates, the sale of real property such  as homes, land etc. I would ask a question how many people have ever asked whats in the wter being provided when searching Real Estate? My gut said to leave well enough alone, but what are blogs for but for a conversation between parties thus if I just felt that if I didn’t respond I would be doing an injustice to our county and it’s present and future populations.  My final statement is to let all sides be heard and let the powers to be make their decisions as this is the American way of Democracy. In my 35 years of real estate experience I have to date never had anyone ask about what is added in or avoided in the city water, but am asked more as to the quality of our well water. Thanks to all that have responded!

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Buyers Ready to Snatch Bargains This Spring.  Are you Ready?

Bargain prices on housing combined with low interest rates below 5 percent may bring the real estate market its busiest spring season in years, economists say.

Distressed sales continue to put downward pressure on home prices, which may lure more buyers off the fence and ready to snag a deal during the typical prime-time buying season.

Some builders are ramping up discounts on new homes as well as boosting commissions to brokers to try to spark more transactions.

Sellers of existing-homes also are getting more competitive in pricing their homes.

“After three years of the housing downturn, people are becoming much more realistic in terms of valuing their homes,” says Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of REALTORS®.

An improved job market with better income potential may also motivate more people to buy, says David Berson of the PMI Group.

“Household formations are also very important,” Berson says. “Kids may have moved back in with their parents, or two people may have moved in together, because of job concerns. Now they can move into their own place.”

While interest rates are sitting comfortably below 5 percent for now (30-year fixed rates averaged 4.76 percent last week), economists warn the attractive low rates won’t last long.

“Few think mortgage rates are going lower,” says Mark Zandi, Moody’s Analytics chief economist. “It’s more likely they will be 6 percent than 4 percent next spring. This lights a fire under buyers.”

Source: “Discounts Expected in Spring Housing Market,” The Wall Street Journal (March 22, 2011)

Tho continue in my own words the market in the Brevard NC and Western North Carolina areas has never been more ready with realistic pricing, inventory is wonderful, interests rates are still in the almost all time lows, so why wait. Make plans now to visit our area and see for yourself why I feel the American Dream exists right here inthe Land of Waterfalls in Brevard NC. See you soon!

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Brevard NC A Place To Play And Put Work Behind You

The outdoors is what makes Brevard North Carolina so special and one of a kind in the US! If you love the outdoors we have everything right here, with activities in the unspoiled 50% of our county in National Forest and State parks as well as thousands of protected acres.

Not only do we have some of the finest golf courses where play is like a post card photo backdrop, with some of our counties famous 250+ waterfalls. Our biking with hundreds of miles of trails, canoeing, sliding rock, tubing, and trout fishing in the clearest water you will ever see, coming out of the National Forest.

Do you love rock climbing at Devils Courthouse, hiking tens of thousands of acres of land and trails, horseback riding in the DuPont State Forest and the Pisgah National Forest, the Gorges State Park, then you have come to the right place all here in Brevard NC. We are truly an outdoor enthusiasts dream come true. Literally there are hundreds of miles of trails for hikers and at any skill level. At the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest you will find outfitters, bike shops, climbing gear for rent and for sale.

Want to horseback ride again we have equestrian centers where you can board your own or take guided trail rides once again riding in what I feel has got to be the nations top trail areas in the county. Many of the trails are multi-use so biking in the mountains from off road to street biking has brought in cycling events as Assault on the Carolinas, the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race, French Broad Cycling Classic Brevard Criterion and the Swank 65 MTB to the Fat Tire adventure Race in the Spring.

How about a lazy day relaxing in an inner tube floating down the French Broad River or take the more rapids in the Davidson River flowing in the Pisgah National Forest, passing the fly fishers catching native rainbow, brown and stocked trout known as Americas top 100 Streams where we host the Pisgah Fly Masters. Literally you can spend an entire day and not float all the areas or canoe and paddle them for that fact. Are you getting interested yet? Wait theirs more!

Look no further for a play of golf as mentioned above as most of our courses are so beautiful you will bring your camera to brag about the shot you hit while the background is of a waterfall, bold rushing creek or a mountain view that seems endless. What is so great is that our courses are year round as our weather even in the coldest months are temperate enough for a round or maybe two. Transylvania County offers four courses, driving ranges and even more within just a few more minutes driving in neighboring counties.

Ok, so what are you waiting for? Pack a lunch and picnic, during your vacation in nature’s bounty right here in Brevard North Carolina and you too will see that Brevard is the place to play and put work behind you!

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