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A Brave bear some distance from the ground

Below is a wonderful story along with the photos that a friend of mine sent me about Black Bears and bird feeders. Tom had been seeing the signs of bears in the area that is very common and his story and pictures tell it all. Black bears are for the most part 100% harmless unless you mess with there cubs and then Mother Nature takes over as any protective mom would do. It’s extremely rare to have issues with black bears as well as the other animals in the Western Carolina Mountains or the Brevard NC area.

Keep in mind we are building in there territory, that they roam for food so we need to keep our humanely habits under control and think about what were doing before we throw scraps out for the raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, opossums and feed the turkeys and deer’s. Yet some to try to feed the bears at there house (Not a great idea) with our desire to befriend nature, bring them closer to our dwellings to naturally enjoy them.
This is why Brevard is so highly desired in the US, not to leave out the white squirrels that were famous for, but the overwhelmingly abundance of nature that surrounds our area. For instance we all love to see black bears, and they are hard to catch a glimpse of or even have the camera ready for a shot, and do keep in mind they are afraid of humans Once again think about who your trying to make neighbors with we see skunks sometimes more often as road kill but if your feeding outside your pets, they to are hungry, and some years back I had a family of skunks that were total of 5 babies and the mother that every night about supper time would show up to eat and we would love to watch them as we ate our dinner. And luckily our dog knew better than defend his off and left them well enough alone. Now back to the black bears sorry as we call it here in the mountains I started chasing rabbits and got off subject.

Almost there

Now to the bird feeders and the message as he emailed me last week with the photo’s. I later learned the photos were not his so I can’t credit who took them but the story is the same that the bears before hibernation are putting on fat and will try to eat all they can. Enjoy Tom’s story and the photo’s and this is just what makes Western North Carolina and Brevard a fantastic place to live and become apart of our surroundings.

Please don’t fear the bears but respect all of nature and enjoy them at a distance as the write up and the photos predict? Tom by the way lives in Sylvan Heights  just 7 miles from downtown Brevard offering the finest in views and building sites and price range in all our area.

Got it made now!

Excerpts from Tom & Dianne’s email: While Diane and I were under construction with our little cottage here in the woods of North Carolina, many folks advised us not to encourage black bears by adding bird feeders to the area around our cottage. One friend in particular, our “future” neighbor here in Brevard, scolded us severely whenever we brought up the subject of planting blackberry bushes, installing bird feeders and the like around the neighborhood. Loving animals and birds, we thought we had licked the problem by installing a squirrel and bear proof bird feeder on a clothesline with a pulley so that we could pull the feeder towards the porch to refill or take down. Since the feeder was about 18′ above the ground and out of the reach of bears, we smugly watched the nuthatches, tufted tit mouse’s, chickadees and other birds gobbling up the seed we placed in the feeder for two months.

Who would ever believe a black bear would be brave/smart enough to breach the system?

On my way back to the tree after a delicious meal

Tom and Diane

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Meet Karl Chiang

Our Home in Brevard NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains offering over 250 waterfalls in and around the Brevard NC area, is a place once you visit you will find a peace within yourself, that you will find no where’s else.  The beauty that you will see in these photo’s captured by Karl Chiang speak for themselves. There is no way I could put into words what he has captured this fall of 2010 in and around Brevard, along the byways of Brevard and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I encourage you to visit his web site and look closely at his work so you can try to capture and feel what he as a photographer was trying to capture. The views in the photos will never return again so savor them and be thankful for not only our nation but the Creator that gave us this beauty and Karl’s talent! Visit Karl’s Chiangs web site at www.karl.lifepics.com and leave him an encouraging word.

Fall Colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway

You will recognize some of his photo spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway like the overlook with the view of  Looking Glass Rock , the fabulous views of Little Switzerland, and in Sylvan Heights a community I have lots for sale in, and where Karl’s friend Ton & Diane have a vacation home.

Below are some of the writing of Tom and Karl and I hope you too will enjoy the photography that not only our area offers, but you have the opportunity to look for Brevard NC Real Estate that’s for sale in lots or in houses, and enjoy these views on a daily basis. Visit www.HomeInBrevard.com and drop me a note as I love to hear the bear stories, and I will share one Tom shared with me at another time.

Thank you Tom & Karl!

Several years ago, Diane and I met a talented photographer named Karl Chiang at his homesite near Black Mountain NC. Karl is also a Radiologist practicing in Greenville NC. This weekend Karl visited us at our cottage in Brevard NC and shared much of his fabulous photographic talent with us. We enjoyed his quick wit, humor and zest for life. After he took many shots around the cottage, we traveled into the Pisgah Forest where he caught the 5PM sunlight on Looking Glass Falls before departing for his 7 hour drive back home. The last shot is one he made at the falls that afternoon. He sent me this email this morning with a sampling of his shots he captured this fall in the mountains. I thought you might enjoy seeing them also.  He has a web site that depicts more and he is working on the shots he took during his visit that you can visit at Karl Chiangs Web Site

A View From Tom's House in Sylvan Heights

Karl Wrote: I had the good fortune to be able to see and photograph the fall colors over 3 weekends this October and these are just a couple of the thousands of pictures I took.  Some were new places I stumbled across and off course I missed some shots while driving.  But I had a great time and want to do again every year if possible.

Davidson River with fall around!

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Wonderful screened porches at 50 Aokdale Ave Breavrd Nc 28712This home is as cute as can be full of country charm, yet just across the street is the city limits. Property is in what we call the ETJ and zoned 6 residences per 1 acre lot that is without question location hard to beat. Easy walk to restaurants, stores, banks, drug stores, Blue Ridge College and some doctor’s offices. So we realtors call this location-location!There is a full large wrap around covered porches on 3 sides of the home & the rear deck screened for lots of exterior living & potential year round comforts if you turn the screened porch into a Carolina Room. Walk to grocery, fast food, yet you really feel like you're in the country. Wood burning fireplace w/insert, rooms up stares are larger than shown as they have sloping ceilings.Fantastic location and home to match not in the Brevard, city limits, but it's just across the street so location- location- like walk to the grocery store, Big K -Mart and restaurants and all along you have the country feeling when at home. This three bedroom 2 bath home offers everything on the mail level and the quests or the rest of the family has two more bedrooms, bath, an office space as well as a private exterior porch off the rear bedroom offering privacy and spacious enough for a large group.This home is as best as I can describe it a modified A fame that sits on top of am unfinished very large and tall crawl space with double door entrance large enough for a car but in the old day s maybe this was their intension. One of my favorite features of all the house even though it has a wood burning fireplace with a wood insert in it, that I truly love the heat that emits from them in the winter, is the entire exterior of the home has a covered wrap around deck. At the rear of the home the entire length of 40 feet is totally covered in and it has a 10+x8'10 wing extending further off the porch that is fully screened in, so you have about another 450+ square feet of private wooded view, enclosed area to enjoy all that why people come to Brevard North Carolina, to make there second home or retirement home their favorite place to live.Front of MLS 476779 50 Oakdale Ave, Brevard NC 28712

Even the walkway into the home as can be see in the following videos was thoughtfully designed and built for not having to take unnecessary rising steps. As you enter the home you first notice the fireplace as your entering into the living room-dining combination, with a bedroom and full bath to the left side and the right side offers a spacious kitchen with plenty of storage and cabinetry. Naturally there is an exterior door so one could grill out on the covered decking’s.

So now I am sure you’re wondering what this fine home is selling for and this is the next wonderful surprise and that is it’s only $155,000. And with the potential of a second home being built on the lot this is a real bargain. The second lot would require some study for a septic system as any lot in out county but there is city water available.

Street View for MLS 476779

Watch the videos and give Jewell or Jay Kaiser a call today for your private showing 828-421-0375 for Jay or Jewell is 828-421-8376. And before I forget there is a heat pump for heat and air as well as the home may be purchased with furnished as an option. Come visit the land of waterfalls Brevard NC and home of Brevard College, the Brevard Music Center and home of the finest craftsman and artist one could ever imagine. MLS number for your reference is 476779.

Be sure and visit www.HomeInBrevard.com for greater details or just give Jewell or Jay a call at 828-421-0375.

Upper Balcony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J5JqR5gk84?

Exterior of home walk-a-bout on covered decks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXqtk-MW_h0

Front of home at 50 Oakdale Ave, Brevard NC 28712 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNTJJQtBfUk

MLS 476779 large bedroom upstairs

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Brevard North Carolina and all Transylvania County is a Street and Mountain Bike riders dream come true. The event below as held in Nevada yet Brevard was the training ground for this race for our team. If I had to guess we probably have in Brevard more signs along the road to share with cyclists of any town than many others combined. 

Last week the Brevard College Cycle team took the States Second Consecutive National Championship. Brevard has been famous for not only bringing in the top names in racing, but this year had the largest cash prize for a road racing event. 

Our mountains offer not only some of the most challenging so I’ve heard from the racers, but at the same time the best scenery to race in. Our fall colors and cool mornings and pleasant highs during the day in the 70’s offer the finest for a quality ride. But naturally these men and women are out for the gold so to speak so work extremely hard.

My son has been dating one of the top women riders in the country, Natasha Cowie and as you will see below her brother Tristan Cowie consistently leads the Men’s in on road and off road racing. Having known Natasha for now over 2 years the dedication these true athletes exhibit is amazing to me. Not only does she and surely those men in the picture ride in all types’ weather but have trainers inside and ride for hours and hours on end.

These truly talented folks are dedicated and goal driven like no others I have witnessed. I often would here my son call me and he would be heading out at night as Natasha would ride over the Pisgah National Forest from Brevard all the way into Asheville North Carolina and back, and having never measured it it has to be at least a 50 to 75 mile ride and downhill at speads reaching 70 miles an hour I have heard. Now those of you that have had the privilege of driving these roads know how grueling the grade can get and the struggle the car has in the mountains, so just imagine the energy being expelled by these bicyclists and mental anguish at times. As funny as it may seem Natasha on other rides would head out and many hours later thankful for cell service, call my son Julius Kaiser and tell him how lost she was and could be anywhere within a 50 mile radius. Don’t worry she safely made it home each and every time. Natasha and Chef Julius now reside in Bellingham Washington.

Natasha Cowie picture after a win in Florida

Now to given the honor to where honor is due is the excerpts for the Transylvania Times News. Congratulations and we are proud of out Brevard North Carolina team as well as I am proud of Natasha Cowie as whe too is a leader of the pack and one the other reacers work extreemly hard to beat!

The Brevard College Cycling Team stands on the winner’s podium at the National Cycling Championships in Nevada. (Courtesy photo)

Brevard North Carolina's College Cycle Team

The Brevard College cycling team did it again, capturing their second consecutive team national championship at the Northstar at Tahoe Resort, scoring 630 points as a team throughout the three-day event.

Coach Thad Walker said Monday morning it was a grueling weekend. 

“A lot of athletes are really exhausted,” said Walker, who is proud of the hard work put in by the members of the team.

Led by Tristan Cowie’s Men’s Omnium National Championship, the Tornados held a 20-point lead over Union College from Kentucky going into the final event on Sunday morning. The team was able to hold off both Union and Warren Wilson College in clinching their second team national title in the first five years of the program’s history.

Cowie, who finished on the podium in both the cross country and the short track events, finished 10th overall in the four cross and the downhill races to give the program its first Men’s Omnium National Champion.

This is Cowie’s third national title overall in his mountain bike career, having won the cross country and the short track events back in 2008. Cowie also joins former BC cyclist Jo Tuttle as the program’s second Omnium National Champion.

Tuttle took the women’s crown last year in Truckee, Calif., leading the team to its first team national championship.

On the women’s side, Alexis Decosimo also had a strong showing for Brevard in the omnium, improving on last year’s 10th place finish, to take home the bronze medal.

Decosimo had two podium finishes on the first day, including the individual national championship in short track and finished out the weekend with the four cross and the downhill events, placing 12th and 10th, respectively.

After Saturday morning’s race in the short track, the cyclists moved on to the four cross event in the afternoon, with the women taking the course first. Essence Barton from California Lutheran University took the women’s national title in the event, while Kate Weisenfluh was the top finisher for Brevard, narrowly missing the podium by coming in sixth.

Decosimo finished in 12th overall in the event, while Morgan Sykes rounded out the women’s group with a 14th place result.
You too have the oportunity to enjoy the area and support our local sports. If your interested in the Western North Carolina area of  Brevard, Hendersonville and parts of Asheville North Carolina Real Estate call us or visit our new web of the “Kaiser Team. Jay 828-421-0375

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Fall Colors at The Reserve of Brevard NC

Brevard North Carolina offers everything one could ever ask for to relocate for their Real Estate needs, second home, primary residence, incredible view lots and estate properties or just a great place to vacation. Let the Kaiser Team of Jay and Jewell Kaiser help you discover why Rand McNally, the Wall Street Journal, the National Geographic Traveler, and more recently taking second place, by Budget Traveler’s Coolest Small towns in America.

Lake at Brevard Music Center

When you visit Brevard you will be stuck by the areas natural beauty offering some of the finest 360-degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains sunrises and sunsets that are breathtaking, and throughout the day the mountains change color often with the blue hue, thus why we are called the Blue Ridge, abundance of waterfalls and streams of all sizes almost down every country roads you travel. Brevard is known for having over 250 of some the most spectacular waterfalls with many available on your own property.

Brevard is  full of Appalachian culture and history, as the Cherokee Indians made there way through the county trading as they passed, often making there seasonal homes along the French Broad River Basin. The quality of life you could enjoy, raise families, rich bottom lands and all of our counties abundance of natural resources, superb native rainbow and brown trout to eat, the abundance of wildlife not only to eat but to offer furs for warmth and profit to trade.

Brevard when founded by early Americans were drawn by the huge native hard and softwoods for lumber, and why we end up with such fabulous fall colors every year. The no longer Ecusta Paper Mill, the makers of the finest paper known thought the world as some of the finest quality in the world. One of the reasons for the quality was the purity of the water from the Davidson River that flowed some few short yards out of the Pisgah National Forest to the plant.

Today we have as the “old timers’ a quality of life where everyone watches out for their neighbors, drive down any road and you will be greeted with a friendly smile, and hand thrown up as what I call the Transylvania salute. To the stores you shop in from the grocery store, or a stroll on Main Street often turns into how’s the family and did you hear the good news of the day. Schools are top notch and among the states best with Presidential schools of excellence.

Not to forget Brevard is famous for the music that fills the air walking down Main Street by a music store where friends have gathered to play free for the public. Where the Silvermont Mansion located in downtown Brevard offers free live music every Thursday night where you can bring your instrument to join in the gathering for some wonderful music picking. Since 1936 the Brevard Music center has offered the finest in the world in top named performers that not only come to entertain but be entertained by all the Brevard has to offer.  What I love about the Brevard Music Center music is its well rounded talent from Jazz, to classical to Broad Way quality plays, bringing in names like Yo Yo Ma, and the Mountain Song Festival which is now in it’s fifth year. In 2010 we had symphonies by Rach-maniff, Beethoven and Brahms, to Ricky Scaggs, not to forget our own world class as Keith Lockhart conducting.

The Porter Center

Then there is the 700 seat Porter CenteBrevard North Carolina offers everything one could ever ask forr at Brevard College featuring one of the world’s only Kilpatrick-Coleman organs.  In this state of the art acoustically designed facility the acoustical qualities are like no other. Enjoy free music buy some of the finest young talent in America that have come to Brevard College , plays and bringing in top names as the Vienna Boys Choir or the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, free productions by Brevard’s College faculty and students and well as jam sessions on the weekends.

Real Estate offering low tax rates that my customers can’t believe, to some of the finest quality homes of luxurious mansions to starter homes where true craftsman still take pride in there work with the flavor of what we call mountain architecture. Just imagine living on a lake, a wooded lot, on a river, a waterfall in the backyard, pastureland for your  for your livestock, gardens, horses and even the Llama farms, gardens that pop out of the ground with our fertile soil for some of the tastiest produce imaginable.

The reason I made my roots hear in 1970 first in Asheville and now in Brevard, is the love of the cool mornings full of due, the cool green of the summers and the colors of the fall makes our mountains ablaze of yellow’s reds, brown’s orange and mixtures of all the in-betweens. Let’s not forget unlike living by an ocean where you have to drive to the beach for a fabulous sunset or sunrise, here in the mountains you walk out your door to some of the finest views in nearly all directions. We enjoy the cool temperatures in the summer, mild winters and almost half our county in never to be disturbed protected lands.

Why not make your next visit to Brevard in your search for a place for your vacation, summer home, or your retirement home, or a lot to build your dream home. Our tax rate is low the climate, natural beauty makes for an ideal place to live for low stress, hiking, affordable restaurants to fine dining, working out at the gym, walking the Brevard college track, free senior classes at Blue Ridge Community College. Medical facilities are top notch, with the finest of doctors, who have come for the same reason we have is all about the lifestyle and a great place to raise our children. Does this not tell you that we are without a doubt in the finest part of the US that God so richly blessed us with.

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WOW! Only $65,000… There is not a better deal out there anywhere in all of Brevard NC that I know of, especially in a community like Sylvan Heights. The owners who are Invester are selling all there properties at huge losses as can be seen by these 2 lots prices. Don’t wait as they will not last long.

View from lot 7 in Sylvan Heights

Ideally since it has a shared driveway it makes for am excelent main home with views and a guest house. Lot 7 & 9 of Sylvan Heights together for only $65,000.

Sylvan Heights: a bit of History and New
Below is a link to all available lots currently on the market. Click the Green link to view all the current land listings
All Land Listings in Sylvan Heights:

Located in Transylvania County, North Carolina, near Brevard North Carolina, Sylvan Heights is a master planned residential community consisting of approximately 60 lots. Established in 2001, Sylvan Heights offers western NC mountain land with spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sylvan Heights is another development of Sylvan Resources LLC, the award winning upscale conservation community in Brevard North Carolina Sylvan Habitat

Large view lots with great house sites and outstanding privacy are now available for the discerning buyer at Sylvan Heights Community, in Transylvania County near Brevard North Carolina. Sylvan Heights is a new community offering lots of outstanding value, including Blue Ridge Mountain views, close proximity to Brevard and Asheville, NC, and natural amenities including a pristine fishing lake, mountain streams, multi use trails, and a community park and Frisbee field. With so much to offer, Sylvan Heights is a “must see” for those contemplating an investment in North Carolina Mountain Real Estate.

Sylvan Heights, from the developers of nearby Sylvan Habitat, continues the tradition of quality residential real estate development, for which Transylvania County and Brevard NC are so well known.

The western North Carolina mountains are one of Americas foremost resort and retirement areas, and Sylvan Heights is perfectly situated within this wonderful area. It is great place to build your primary residence, your mountain vacation home,or retirement home. Located atop Kelley Mountain with elevation up to 3000 feet, it offers Blue Ridge Mountainviews, yet is only 10 minutes from charming downtown Brevard, North Carolina. Vibrant Asheville, NC and Hendersonville, NC are less than 30 minutes away.

Recreational and cultural opportunities abound in Transylvania County, known as the Land of Waterfalls: Pisgah National Forest, with its myriad trails, waterfalls, and amenities is only minutes away, and is surmounted by the Blue Ridge Parkway. Dupont State Forest, Gorges State Park, and numerous other parks and recreation areas abound. Cultural opportunities are available at community-friendly Brevard College, the Brevard Music Center, and in numerous venues in Hendersonville and Asheville, NC.

Selecting a North Carolina Mountain Home Community

When selecting a North Carolina Mountain Community, many factors come into play. Proximity to amenities is critical to maintaining real estate value, and Sylvan Heights is only 10 minutes from Brevard, and 30 minutes from Asheville. Access to state of the art health care is important. Brevard again offers that with its own Brevard Medical Center, plus access to a major medical center at Mission St. Joseph’s Health Care System in Asheville. Mountain views are always desirable, and again Sylvan Heights offers views among the best that are available. And access to recreation opportunities is unparalleled in the Brevard/Transylvania County NC area. We believe that Sylvan Heights has all the desirable attributes that people seek when the come to North Carolina to live their mountain dreams.

For a list of all available lots with pictures visit The Kaiser Team Website and or email is Jay@HomeInBrevard.com home of www.HomeInBrevard.com

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